2899 Bergman Laval, H7L3Y5


Roger Ouellet

A car enthusiast, with great ideas to give birth to Showtime Musclecars

Roger Ouellet

owner of Showtime Musclecars in Laval, has been immersed in the automobile since his childhood.

As a young man, he first trained with his father by helping him carry out repairs on his father’s vehicles. As a teenager, he began to make repairs on the cars of his friends who already have their cars.
At the age of 18 he started his first job at a Shell service station and really started his experience in mechanics.
Then he worked in general mechanics garages and in the end he worked 6 years, in an engine reworking workshop.
Finally, after dreaming for more than 20 years of having his own catering workshop, he decided to go from dream to fulfilling it and live his passion to the full and create in 2007, Showtime Musclecars.
It began with a small room of 1,000 square feet, and 6 years later in a room of more than 3200 square feet. Or he can now him and his team do all the mechanical work, bodywork, etc. all in one place.